National Pizza Day is good any way you slice it

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Grego knows that there is plenty out there making news in the world, but why not take it all in with a slice of pizza on National Pizza Day.

"Serious world news out there with ISIS, should the U.S. provide weapons to Ukraine, will anchorman Brian Williams be forced to step down!! Nothing goes better when pondering world problems (mostly beyond our control anyway), then a slice of fresh out of the oven, cooked to order, piled high with your favorite toppings pizza! It is National Pizza Day after all! Talk about serious news! Don`t tell Michelle Obama, but according to the U.S Deparment of Agriculture on any given day thirteen percent of Americans eat pizza! One in six guys between the ages of 2-39 ate it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner today.  I like mine the next morning with scrambled eggs on top! It`s 'the go to' dinner staple for today`s busy, two parents working families who when they get home are too tired to prepare a meal,  so a phone call and a pick-up solves the dinner question fast! Exactly the way the Neapolitans who invented pizza intended.  I won`t do a list, but my all-time favorite has been previously ranked number one in the country by USA Today for their clam pizza is Pepe's in New Haven, Connecticut where I became addicted as a kid!  as a good American do your part and eat pizza today, or tomorrow, and the weekend! You know, the White House a la the infamous President Obama beer summit sit-down, might think about a pizza party as a negotiation tool to help solve some of the world`s problems. Come on, who isn't agreeable when they're eating pizza! Full stomachs, full hearts right?! And Brian Williams, we'll see, he might just wind up with a 'job' delivering pizza!"

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