Boy claims he remembers past life as woman who died in house fire

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CINCINNATI, Oh. - If you believe in ghosts, then here's a story that might give you goose bumps. The parents of a 2-year-old  Luke Ruehlman thought he just had an old soul, but they came to find out his unusual behavior was much more than that.

Luke told his parents he used to be a woman named Pam. The little guy said Pam died in a fire while she was living in Chicago. Luke's parents did research based on what he told them, and found out that a woman named Pamela Robinson jumped from a burning building in 1993, to her death.

They showed Luke a bunch of pictures, including one of Pam. He not only picked her out, he told his parents he remembered when it was taken. Luke's parents also reached out to Pam's daughter, and they discovered more similarities, including the same taste in music. Strangely enough, just as Luke's parents were getting used to the idea their son was reincarnated, they say he let Pam go and, never talked about her again.

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