Enough with Trans-“Jenner”

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Grego sounds off on Bruce Jenner and his latest escapades.

"Are you sick and tired of seeing and hearing about Bruce Jenner?  The one-time Olympic decathlon gold medal winner!! The plastic surgery, the supposed gender switch, the car crash, and stay tuned because there`s about to be a reality show about his 'journey.' I know no one`s forcing us to watch, but like a car accident you can`t help but rubberneck! Speaking of didn`t he have his Adam`s apple removed a while back, too?  I think he`s started wearing full make-up, and sporting a very feminine looking pony-tail. I`m sorry but it`s weird, and his picture is on every supermarket tabloid! Right Anne Fisher?? (a nice lady I met in line at the grocery store who watches NewsFix).. and never mind the fact Jenner wasn`t a particularly good-looking man! Even less so as a woman! Trying to understand why he would do what he`s doing leaves your head spinning. That Kardashian clan has to be more whacked out than we know! They've warped him! But he has said he`s still very attracted to women. Okay, so then you`re changing from a male to a female (I assume without removing the factory plumbing) in hopes to attract a 'woman' who`s attracted to another woman? So does Bruce want to date a gay woman? It would take a very special kind of straight woman to wanna get involved with all that!! I know - it`s not important national news but it sure is presented that way, like Jon Stewart leaving The Daily Show! Oh no, how will we ever laugh again? Well, just look at what passes as important, 'need to know' information, you`ll be in stitches from laughing!! Not transgendering!!"

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