Another record winter storm hits parts of the nation

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BOSTON, MA – If it seems like the Earth is starting to look like a snow globe, that might not be so far from wrong. Another winter storm is causing havoc and headaches from New Hampshire to Arkansas, with Boston and other parts of Massachusetts taking another big hit.

"This is the snowiest February in the history of Boston,” said Boston’s mayor Marty Walsh.

The snow is so deep in some parts of Massachusetts that you could lose your dogs, if they were small dogs.

In Maine, one guy had to dig a path through more than five feet of snow to get out of his backyard. But he said it’s the $800-a-month heating bill that’s really bumming him out.

In Little Rock, Arkansas ice is keeping most people off of the streets.

Ice is also covering Memphis, Tennessee with icicles hanging from fences, bridges, cars, and just about everything else not moving, which is just about everything.

This weekend, the weather was perfect for Mardi Gras parades in Galveston and marathon runs in Houston. But all that was before this latest cold front dropped in.

“It’s weird,” said Houstonian Lameka Smith. “Like one moment it’s hot. One moment it’s cold. Who knows? You’re thinking it’s gonna be snowing next week.”

Let’s hope not, because things sure get messy when the snow melts.