Canoodling couple caught on camera outside a dress store

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CHULA VISTA, CA – Just because you get caught on the kiss-cam doesn’t mean you have to get caught kissing. You really don’t want to get caught kissing, among other things, out in public where you could scare little dogs and children.

But, that’s what happened on the sidewalk outside a dress store in Chula Vista, California about 3:30 in the afternoon.

A store employee caught the canoodling couple on camera. As if a little afternoon delight on the sidewalk in front of a store isn’t weird by itself, cops say the coupling couple didn’t even know each other, having just met on a trolley.

The pair kept their clothes on for about 15 minutes, until he apparently convinced her to kick it up a notch. He was bare-butt naked by the time cops arrived, but she kept her skirt on.

Cops gave her a citation, but took him away in handcuffs.

Maybe theirs was a different shade of gray.