Early morning home invasion in Heights reminds us to take steps to protect ourselves

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HOUSTON, Texas -- Scary moments in the Heights early Monday morning. A man was shot after suspects burst into his home on Voight Street around 3:00 am.
Police say the man's young sons were in the house at the time of the shooting, but luckily they weren't hurt. The victim was transported to Ben Taub hospital, and police are still searching for the gunmen.

The thought of someone breaking into your home is scary, but there are a few things you can do to protect yourself.

"One of the first things you should have is some great exterior lighting around your house. The second mode of protecting is going to be your doors and your windows. On the deadbolt locks you should have nothing less than a one inch throw on the deadbolt and going into the door frame itself, you should have at least three and half-inch screws," explained Officer B.G. Curtis of the Houston Police Department.

A 190-degree peephole is also helpful to see all the angles around the door.

"If someone is knocking at your door, then you have the option of speaking through your door, you don`t have to open your door to anybody."

In the worst case, if intruders to make it into the house, "If they have a weapon, some type of knife or gun or whatever then you should comply with them. Your property is not worth your life."

Even if you own a weapon, think twice about using it because there is always a risk of shooting a loved one by mistake.

"They should be very proficient, and they should know all the different surroundings and factors that are around inside your house," added Curtis.

Having a dog can also be a security measure.

"Not only do they make a noise when you have intruders but sometimes, physically those are a deterrent."

There`s no way to guarantee someone won`t try to break into your house, but with a few steps, you can make your home less welcoming to intruders.