For the love of mud bugs

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Grego talks about the crawfish industry and what goes into making it a growing business.

"In Texas we love our crawfish! went to my first boil of the season over the weekend! they were a little small cause it's early, but delicious! Got my nose running! Mardi Gras, winter`s almost over and soon many of us will be enjoying piles of mud bugs with our favorite beverage! Have you ever given any thought to what it takes to get that crustacean to your table? I didn`t until I looked into what has grown into a half a billion dollar a year industry! It can be 7am to 10 o`clock at night baiting, trapping and hauling traps, not to mention the flooding, planting, harvesting and flooding again before you can collect them! To hopefully net about a thousand pounds per acre per year for Louisiana rice farmers. I think I can eat a thousand pounds myself! And Americans in the crawfish business have a relatively new competitor in China who in 2013 imported thirteen million pounds of mud bugs into the U.S.! It`s hard out there for farmers because when supply is up, the price goes down. There`s a lot more to it but that`s a peek into the mud bug business! So knowing all that, this year go for it, suck the head! Ask if the sack you`re buying is American raised and support the farmer who worked 'his tail' off, and sold his catch for a lot less than the mark up distributors, stores and restaurants put on them along the way!"