Healing cocker spaniel looking for “fur-ever” home

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HOUSTON - Cars and canines make for a  bad combo, just as Zara.

“Zara is a beautiful three-year-old cocker spaniel who came to us on our 24-hour rescue ambulance. She’d been hit by a car,” says Lisa Rotter of Houston SPCA. Dr. Amy Crum, a veterinarian at the SPCA examined Zara's x-rays, “She had a very severely injured limb and when we took x-rays we found that she did have a complete fracture of her femur.” During an operation to repair Zara’s broken leg, Dr. Crum inserted a plate.

Zara’s now sporting a pretty pink cast and enjoying some really good doggie pain pills to help her "chill" for a while. “Zara is healing. She’s going to need about a month of cage rest in a foster home. It’s so important to keep them still though because that hardware needs time to heal so her leg won’t bother her in the future,” says Rotter.

Once her leg has healed, she’ll be looking for a forever home. “Cocker spaniels make wonderful family pets and we’re sure Zara won’t be any different. She’s been sweet and she’s been wonderful to work with. All of the veterinarians say she’s been a dream” says Rotter. If you want to adopt a “dream dog,” then make tracks to the Houston SPCA and ask for Zara.