Marathon runner in Texas crawls across finish

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AUSTIN, TX - Thousands of runners hit the pavement at the Austin marathon this past Sunday, to test the limits of their bodies. The most memorable moment came when one runner's ambition became too much for her body to handle. Kenyan national Hyvon Ngetich collapsed in the final stretch of the race. But she did not give up.

Ngetich crawled all the way to the finish line, earning third place in the women's division. She even refused help from race staff as they tried to help her up, offering her a wheelchair. That would have disqualified her.

John Conley, Austin Marathon Director, says, "When she came around the corner on her hands and knees, I have never, in 43 years of being involved in this sport, have seen a finish like that."

The crowd could only watch and cheer as she battled through the pain.

Conley added, "She finished without any help and got a very honorable third place."