Presidents’ Day: Time to honor the Chief Executive

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Instead of getting political or reciting a bunch of boring facts about what treaties they signed, we're going to rank the top five most "Awesome-est" presidents in U.S. history.

Tied at number five are Richard Nixon and Warren Harding for their love of gambling. Nixon was actually a terrific gambler, funding his first congressional campaign with his poker winnings. Harding, however, was terrible at it. In fact, he was so bad, he lost the White House's china collection in one single hand. but just for the chutzpah to even put the plates on the table, he deserves to be on the list.

Number four is Hiram Ulysses Grant - also known as Ulysses S. Grant. He's not on the list for his role in the Civil War. Oh no, he's on the list because he actually did something we didn't know was possible...he got a speeding ticket while riding a horse. Was he drunk? No one knows. but knowing him he probably was.

Coming in at number three, standing six-foot-four without his trademark hat is the Kentucky killer, Abraham Lincoln. even though there are many reasons he should be on the list, the thing putting him up at number three is his amazing wrestling ability. Made famous when he publicly beat New Salem, Illinois bully, Jack Armstrong, Abe's wrestling prowess had mostly been forgotten because of things like him being President, the Civil War and the whole Ford's Theater thing.

And the runner up at number two is Thomas Jefferson. Besides writing the Declaration of Independence, inventing more things than most inventors, making the Louisiana Purchase, building Monticello, holding almost every political office you can think of, starting West Point and the University of Virginia...the dude had pet bears. Yes, like, actual bears. he had two of them in a cage on the lawn of the White House and would even go on walks with them. If that's not awesome, then you tell us what is.

And finally, the number one most "Aweseome-est" there was anyone else it could Theodore 'Teddy' Roosevelt. Living a life that almost reads as fiction, it would actually be shorter to name some things he did that weren't awesome. but why did he take the top spot? Is it his boxing at Harvard? Or his distinguished military career where he started the Rough Riders - the first volunteer calvary? Or his creation of national parks? No. Teddy wins everything because on October 14, 1912, at age 53, he was shot in the chest as he was about to give a ninety-minute speech. He said to the audience, 'Friends, I shall ask you to be as quiet as possible. I don't know whether you fully understand that I have just been shot.' At which point, he spoke through all 50 pages of his prepared speech.

There you go, the top five most "Awesome-est" presidents, proving history isn't boring and these stoic leaders of our country sometimes actually deserve the job.