TX Legislative Black Caucus’ push for African-American Monument at State Capitol

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AUSTIN, Tx - On the Texas State Capitol grounds, there are monuments everywhere, but State Representative and Texas Legislative Black Caucus Chairman Sylvester Turner says there's one thing missing.

"There is not one monument that depicts the contribution that Texans, African-Americans, have played in the building and the growth of the state of Texas" Turner says.

The Legislative Caucus is now spear-heading is a monument to be placed on the capitol grounds, according to Turner. The location has been picked and the artist is ready, too.

Ed Dwight is the artist responsible for making the monument. Dwight works out of Colorado but he's made over 100 monuments that can be seen all over the U.S. including one right here in Houston.

Dwight's got a special idea for the monument. Rep. Turner describes the monument as having, "...two huge wings mounted on a base. On one side you see slaves that are kind of marching up out of slavery into freedom, and then from the top looking down you will see other African-Americans who are reaching down in a since to pull them up... From one end of the wingspan to the other it will be a description of the contributions that African-Americans have made to this state."

The Texas African-American History Foundation is raising the roughly 2.6 million dollars to have the monument constructed. Turner says it's well worth it to pay homage.

Turner says, "I think people will be captivated by the mere size and the message that it displays, and at the same time it's very humbling." As Rep. Turner will remind you, honoring the past is part of creating a successful future.