Manhunt in Nevada underway for road rage killer

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LAS VEGAS, NV -- It is a terrible wreck, in every sense of the word. Tammy Meyers was gunned down in her own driveway,  reportedly  after an argument with another driver.

Family says she had just finished giving her teenaged daughter driving lessons in a parking lot. Afterwards, Meyers drove away and almost collided with another car. That led to an argument and Meyers' husband says the other driver followed his wife home, as she tried to get away for help.

When she got into the driveway, gunfire ensued. Meyers was shot in the head in that encounter.

The victim's son Matthew Meyers says, "She's now, she was a grandmother of one. My son's only one, 1 year and two months and now I've got deal with my son growing up without knowing his grandmother."

Robert Meyers, the victim's husband, added, "Look at this closely because she is gone now. She is leaving a 15-year old, 20-year old, 21-year old and a 23-year old without a mom tonight. So you got your wish, you fired the shot and she's gone."

Now Myers is gone, and the suspect is too. Police are looking for a man whose car was caught on surveillance, along with two others who were in his car. An active manhunt is underway.