Museums ban selfie sticks, but not in Houston

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HOUSTON, Texas - Now that museums all over the country are banning the selfie stick, you'll have to put that stick somewhere else.

The trend started in New York with the Met and the Museum of Modern Art  saying enough is enough to visitors paying more attention to how they looked next to a painting than the painting itself.   Also, there are worries that selfie aficionados could damage the works of art or hurt other people with the stick.

On the other hand, despite the information published in the New York Times and other news outlets, the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston told us that they didn't have any problem with the selfie sticks and they're not considering a ban. They may consider some restrictions.

So, even though there's no more sticks for your pics in New York, here in Houston, if you like your stick, then you can keep your stick.  Therefore, enjoy your selfie --- just say cheese!