Oil tankers explode after derailment in West Virginia

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MOUNT CARBON, WV – Fires continue to burn through falling snow in Mount Carbon, West Virginia  a day after a train carrying 107 tankers filled with North Dakota crude oil went off the tracks.

As many as 19 tankers caught fire and exploded, sending fireballs into the sky, forcing the evacuation of about a thousand residents of two towns.

Each of the tankers carried 30,000 gallons of crude, which firefighters are letting burn out. Miraculously, no one died, but one house is gone after one of the tankers slammed into it.

The story was different in Lac-Megantic, Quebec in July of 2013. That’s when a runaway freight train carrying North Dakota crude jumped the tracks.

The ensuing fires from the tankers killed 47 people and destroyed most of the downtown.