One-way trip to Mars narrowed down to 100 people

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NETHERLANDS -- We're getting closer to knowing who's going on that one-way trip to Mars! More than 200,000 people applied for a chance to live on the planet Mars and now the Dutch company "Mars One" has it narrowed down to 100 finalists: 50 men and 50 women. Thirty-eight of the finalists are from the U.S.!

Eventually 24 strangers from the outside will be selected this year, for a once-in-a-lifetime out-of-this-world experience! Apparently, the "Mars One" winners will, also, be part of a reality show where they prepare and eventually head to the red planet as early as 2024. When they get there, they'll be expected to set up a permanent colony.  That's why candidates will train at a copy of the Mars outpost here on Earth to see how they do as part of a team.

Now, we've just got to sit and wait to see who will be the next stars on Mars!

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  • David Johnson

    Once in a lifetime experience is about it. More than likely you will die of one of three things (that is if you don’t strangle each other along the way). Exposure, oxygen deprivation or starvation/dehydration. This is a suicidal trip because there is no coming back and no assurance of replenishments. The only connection you’ll have is radio. Lot of good that will do you if you are suddenly in need of essential supplies and cannot replicate them yourself.

    We are not advanced enough to ensure we can colonize on a distant planet. One might as well tell someone to shoot them off into space with no supplies or chance of return. Better yet, shoot them to the Sun. Then they can go out in a flame of glory.

    Crazy people….this is NOT a heroic thing. It is heroic if you have a valid plan to return, or if you are going to a planet that has breathable air instead of manufactured. At least then you’d have a chance to grow and test the plants for edibility on a self-sustaining environment. However, in this case, machines break down eventually. Electrical board components break down. You cannot possibly imagine all that would be needed to ensure the equipment will run for any valid length of time. Then you must thrive on eating rocks and sand.

    Its a suicide mission.

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