Time to give it up, test your will power

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Grego sounds off on lent on how tough it is to deprive yourself of certain things, even if for 40 days.

"How's your willpower? Are you good at depriving yourself of things? Happy Fat Tuesday! By the way - I ask because, Fat Tuesday is the last day of feasting for before what`s called lent which starts tomorrow - associated with giving something up for a period of forty days leading up to Easter. not just for Catholics!! As I found out from my friend Kelly, she`s giving up coffee..no thank you! Jewish people "fast" for Yom Kippur. Muslims really get into it with Ramadan where they abstain from all food and drink and other physical needs, I don't know what that means, during daylight hours for a whole month! I`m gonna try to stop cussing, It's gonna be hard! I`ve told you how much I enjoy that motivation provided by my youngest daughter since she doesn`t like to hear dad use foul language, and I know I shouldn`t. Sound familiar? But why torture ourselves with this self-deprivation thing?!! I know this'll probably sounds ungrateful on some level,  but isn`t life hard enough!?! Maybe it is good for the soul. Anyway, if you have a bad habit and feel like starting that New Year's resolution you failed epically at over again, or wanna test your willpower, then have at it! Ready to go vegan or gluten-free? Now`s the time! Because you`ll have lots of support with all the rest of the miserable people. Heck, even if for a week, a work week that is, or  five days! Let`s not get crazy."