Caught on Camera: Shots fired into Missouri city bus

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KANSAS CITY, MO - Sometimes riding a bus isn't so pleasant, but what happened on a city bus in Missouri was downright scary.

Surveillance video from a camera mounted outside the bus captured the terrifying moments as a man opened fire on the bus. The video shows the bus coming to a stop and the man standing on the sidewalk. He appears to be wearing a hoodie and had his hands tucked into his sweatshirt. Then, without any warning, he pulled out his gun and a gun and started firing. Police say he fired at least six shots before the bus finally sped off.

The view from the outside was scary, but the view from inside the bus was even scarier. Cameras inside the bus show a teen couple that got caught in the line of fire. The 15-year-old girl was hit and taken to the hospital. Investigators think she may have known the shooter.


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