Equine herpes concerns owners in Texas

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KATY, TX - Anyone with “horse sense” knows the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is just around the corner but two cases of “horse herpes” has owners concerned.

No, it's not the kind of herpes your thinking of. Equine herpes is a deadly respiratory disease. It can’t be transmitted to humans. It’s spread from one horse to another through direct contact. The two confirmed cases were in Dickinson in Galveston County.

Dr. Bill Stone from the Katy Equine Clinic says, “This is two horses and one farm. It’s really not a problem.”

He, also, suggests a few things owner can do to keep their horses safe, “Generally, don’t let horses touch noses. Don’t share water buckets. Clean stalls before you put your horses in it. Those are things you should do every time you go to compete.”

The horse doctor, also, says he doesn't recommend doing anything special at least in this instance, "If you want to update your vaccines, [it's a] good idea, but otherwise I don’t recommend any special activity.”

For more tips or information, Dr Stone suggests checking out the Texas Animal Health Commission's website.

Now, “don’t put the cart before the horse” but if no other horses are diagnosed with herpes by March 1, then this two-case outbreak will be over.

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