Let’s talk about sex

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Grego gives his two cents on the topic of sex.

"Whether it's the '50 Shades of Grey' effect, or the female Viagra story, a woman at NewsFix pulled me aside and said, 'Grego, you need to talk more about sex on your closing comments!' True! Well, I am a pleaser, so let's see... sex, hmmm. Well, some people have it, others, too much of it, some, used to have it, a lot! Some people have never had it. Some people don't but would like to and still others just say no! 'Sex can happen spontaneously,' which a lot of people prefer because making an appointment to have 'the sex' takes some of the fun out of it and can make it seem like a chore. and depending on your partner it just may be! Sex even happens between strangers, like outside a California store, in broad daylight! Just this week another couple had sex in a train station, the woman with an infant strapped to her chest and the video is all over the web. For the record, I have to say those two cases of sex are just wrong for two reasons, sexual intimacy between consenting adults should be shared in private not public and two, never in front of children! You know, I once witnessed sex happen at the golf course in front of a gallery of spectators. Even around a game that uses balls, clubs and eighteen holes, honestly, it seemed out-of-place and inappropriate. I was uncomfortable and looked away. Personal and 'personalized,' participants cater to their own and their partner's particular whims and fancy - 'Fifty shades of Grey'-style and beyond. To sum up, don't let anyone force you to compromise your own ideas, morals or readiness for sex, or anything for that matter. Keep it fun, 'no' absolutely means no! And safety should always be top priority! Sex.. I think that about covers it don't you?"

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