NASA planning to send submarine to Saturn moon Titan

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CLEVELAND, OH – Space may be the final frontier, but the Star Trekkers at NASA are planning to go under water in outer space.

The plan is to head out to Saturn’s moon Titan. Titan is a lot like Earth, with lakes, seas, and islands. It also has rain clouds, and maybe even rainbows. But the temperature on Titan gets down to -290 degrees Fahrenheit, way too cold for water as we know it.

That’s why scientists think the liquid is a cocktail of various hydrocarbons, but they won’t know unless they take some samples. And how better to do that but in a submarine, or a space submarine.

Besides finding out what makes Titan wet, scientists want to know why the moon’s lakes and rivers don’t have waves. The sand has dunes, and there’s very little gravity to hold down the liquid.

The space sub will also collect and analyze samples to see if they provide clues to the formation of the solar system.

And, of course, since there’s no plan to bring the sub back to Earth, this will be our next opportunity to litter the solar system with space junk, but it’s all in the name of science.


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