New developments surface in Deflategate

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FOXBOROUGH, Ma — A championship has been crowned as the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl, yet “Deflategate” is far from over. ESPN is reporting a Patriots staffer tried to hand off an unapproved football to a game official during the AFC championship game between the Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts. The staffer was Jim McNally, a 48-year-old locker room attendant who’s been with the team since 2008.

McNally allegedly tried passing off a “K” ball, a football that is used for special teams. This was not one of the 11 under-inflated balls that was used by Pats’ quarterback Tom Brady during the first half of the game in question. The official noticed the ball McNally handed him did not have the correct markings and he alerted the NFL’s vice president of game operations Mike Kensil. That exchange is what caused Kensil to head to the locker room during half time where he discovered the 11 balls.

The investigation into who is responsible for the under deflated balls is being handled by lawyer Ted Wells. He says he is still weeks away from wrapping up all his findings.

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