Pothole in west Houston affecting emergency vehicles

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HOUSTON, Texas -- This week's pothole isn't just a hazard to those driving through it, but it can be a threat to life if emergency services are slowed down by it.

Today's "Pothole Of The Day" is located on Saums Road near Barker Cypress, on Houston's west side.

"It is delaying our response time to our eastern boundaries, also to the Katy freeway, and probably the biggest concern is to Mayde Creek High School," warned Westlake Fire Department's Fire Chief Mark Palmer.

The section of road around the pothole has been patched, but the patch job is almost worse than the original pothole.

"Looks like they just threw pavement out there and stomped it a little bit and drove off. It`s uneven and the concern is the ditch to the right and the trees to the left," said Palmer.

Many drivers just use the wrong lane of this narrow, two lane road to get around the craters.

Bus avoiding pothole"You can see where the bus is slowing down and avoiding it," described Palmer as he was driving behind a school bus. "They can cause the accidents; they`re also doing a lot of damage to vehicles."

We`ve heard it before, and we`re hearing it again.

"If the tax payers are spending this kind of money to get this result, then they`re being cheated," according to Palmer.


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