The battle over immigration continues

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HOUSTON, TEXAS -- More than 200,000 Houstonians are in limbo, wondering whether they can stay Texas residents or not.

"When I heard of the President's executive action on immigration, it finally gave me hope that I could be able to work, live and just be without fear," explained Ehirazema Jazmin Meza during a press conference on immigration with Mayor Annise Parker.

President Obama`s executive action on immigration is on hold after federal judge Andrew Hanen in Brownsville stopped the order that would offer illegal immigrants protection from being deported.

"I disagree with the Texas judge`s ruling and the Justice Department will appeal. This is not the first time where a lower court judge has blocked something, or attempted to block something that was ultimately shown to be lawful," said President Obama.

Paul Simpson, Harris County's Republican Party Chair, argued, "This order by Obama administration was a lawless act by a lawless administration that wanted to take the law onto itself."

What's next for the 200,000? Mayor Parker says the city is ready to help when and if the injunction is overturned saying, "We have undocumented residents in this area who need accurate, complete information from trusted sources, and we remain ready to provide that information."

"It's obviously disappointing to many people who were prepared to file their applications today, but I don't think the battle is over, I think this is just a stumbling block along the way," explained Immigration attorney Gordon Quan.

"I'm ready, I have all my documents and I'm going to be ready for when that moment arrives," added Meza.

Now, it's just a waiting game to see what the courts decide.

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