Two school workers in trouble for bringing alcohol to school and on the bus

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ANKENY, IA - Making headlines are two school workers who are in trouble with the law. The first one is of 40-year-old Jennifer Rich, a kindergarten teacher at East Elementary in Ankeny, Iowa. Actually she was a teacher; after she's accused of cracking open a couple of beer cans and downing some brew in school. Forget the apple kids, "A" now stands for arrested.

The incident happened during a Valentine's Day party in her class. A parent showed up at the school to help out in the festivities but found a red-eyed Rich and an open can of suds in the school room. Cops were called, a breathalyzer was administered and Rich was deemed "under the influence." Four unopened beers along with two empties found in her carry bag. With public intoxication and child endangerment charges pending, it's safe to say Rich won't be teaching anytime soon.

Our second scholastic scandal involves a selfie taken by an Ohio school bus driver, behind the wheel and with a bottle of booze in her hand. The unidentified driver posted the pic on social media. It was supposedly taken at the end of her route, and with no kids on the bus. It didn't matter that the bottle in the picture was still capped, the Princeton School District canned her anyway.

A teacher and school bus driver fired for showing poor judgement. School is a place for kids to learn. Funny that this time around, it's the adults who are learning the hard lessons.

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