VP Biden raises eyebrows: Somali cabbies, hugs, and whispers

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WASHINGTON, DC – Vice President Joe Biden is getting a bit more attention than usual these days. At this week’s White House Summit on Countering Violent Extremism (which some people call terrorism), Biden raised some eyebrows when he talked about his relationship with the Somali community in his home state of Delaware.

“I might add that if you ever come to the train station with me, I have great relationships with them, because there’s an awful lot of them driving cabs,” Biden said, adding “And are friends of mine. For real. I’m not being solicitous.”

A quick search by reporters, though, didn’t turn up any Somali cabbies, but who’s counting?

Earlier in the day, Biden also showed why he just may be America’s favorite “creepy” Uncle Joe.

Biden was with new defense secretary Ashton Carter and Carter’s wife Stephanie when Biden put his hands on her shoulders, and, and one point, leaned forward to whisper something in her ear.

That may just be Joe being Joe, but the new Secretary of Defense quickly put his hand on his wife’s shoulder as if to say, “Pardon me, but this dance is taken.”

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