Will Apple Watch be a success?

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CUPERTINO, Ca – The world could be just weeks away from the next big technological revolution, depending who you ask. The Apple Watch is coming soon, and  Apple has pre-ordered nearly six million of the devices from its vendor.

But some people are wondering if it will really catch on. The initial expectations are close to what they were for the original iPad, something else a lot of people were not sure consumers wanted. But now those devices are everywhere.

Apple’s new smartwatch is predicted to smash the existing competition for wearable technology from companies like Fitbit, Jawbone and Pebble.

So what can you do with an Apple Watch?

First off, the watch requires that users already have an iPhone, so you can synch to it to your emails, texts and phone notifications. Plus, you will be able to use Apple Pay at stores and keep you wallet and phone in your pocket.

The watch will also offer a number of ways to track your health, but the initial design won’t have as many features as Apple initially wanted. It will track your steps and your heart rate, but Apple hopes later models will measure stress, blood pressure, and even glucose levels. It turns out those components have been harder to nail down than Apple expected.

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