A birth so rare even doctors are surprised

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LOS ANGELES - Baby Silas was born prematurely at 26 weeks via C-section, but a true medical rarity occured - his amniotic sac did not rupture at birth.

It`s called a veiled or an 'en caul' birth and it's so uncommon it even shocks doctors.

Said Dr. William Binder, neonatologist, "It was a moment that really did, even though its a cliche, we caught our breath. It really felt like a moment of awe."

Just seconds old inside the sac with the placenta and umbillical chord still tucked inside, baby Silas still got oxygen through the placenta.

His mom didn`t know what a unique stir her baby had caused until she saw a photo

"It was actually really cool to see," said Chelsea Phillips. "And when I heard that was actually really rare I was like oh my gosh youre a special little baby."

In the middle ages, it was thought that babies born with a caul had mystical powers of greatness. We`ll have to watch baby Silas and see what legend he brings forth, that is as soon as he is released from the hospital somewhere near his actual due date.

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