Brooklyn man creates dating website for himself only

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BROOKLYN, NY - Looking for love online can be daunting. Millions of people trying to find their match amidst an endless sea of profiles. Well, a Brooklyn man found a way to simplify the whole process for looking ladies, while increasing his own odds. He created a website that gives women only one choice - himself! claims to be "America's number 1 online dating site for Brandon Scott Wolf." Which might very well be true, since he's the only guy to choose from. He's a college educated 25-year-old bartender and comedian who lives in New Your City. Even though his site sounds like a joke, he remains cautiously optimistic he'll make a real love connection.

The site's been up for a little over a week, and Wolf says he's already received more than 45 inquiries. One from as far away as India. So will this guy really find true love, or will he just get catfished?

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