Eryka Sidney steps up as a Class Act

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HOUSTON, TX - Eryka Sidney uses the term "step up" quite a bit.  It's the mantra she used all season, leading the Wheatley Wildcats in scoring at almost 30 points per game.

Sidney finished her junior season as Wheatley lost in the first round of the playoffs, but she's confident this young team will be better going forward.

"I'm very proud of my teammates," Sidney said.  "Some girls, it's their first year playing varsity level. For them to get better on the team, I just lift them up and do anything I can to make them better."

As for her future, Sidney says in five years, she could see herself on the cusp of a WNBA career.  The first step though is trying to earn a college scholarship.

"I really don't know where I'd like to go, but I'd love to go to college on a full ride," Sidney said.

Sidney plans on majoring in journalism in college.