Florida teacher body slammed by counselor in basketball game

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HOLLY HILL, FL - A basketball court is a place where you might see a foul here and there, but the foul made on the court of a Florida elementary school's gymnasium sent one person to jail and another to the hospital.

Surveillance video shows a man body slamming his female opponent during a student-teacher basketball game.

"That's above and beyond. He picks her up and he just turns her over and drops her on the floor, from probably five, six feet in the air, So she hit real hard," said Holly Hill Police Department Chief Stephen Aldrich.

That man is 27-year-old Travis Mims, a school counselor, for crying out loud. He can be seen grabbing special ed teacher Katherine Martin and slamming her to the floor.

With a move like that, was his head in the game or in the ring? This is basketball, not a wrestling match.

"In our view, it was intentional. There's certain things you don't do even when you're playing ball," Chief Aldrich further said.

Katherine drove herself to the hospital with serious and permanent injuries to her feet and stomach area, but is expected to be okay.

Holly Hill police arrested Mims, but he is out on a $2,500 bond. Mims publicly apologized for his unsportsmanlike conduct while being put in the back of the patrol car, but as a school counselor, Mims may need a little advising of his own.

While this foul is under official review, the school district placed Mims on paid leave. Maybe all this will "play'"out in court, and not on it.

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