Iraq ambassador: ISIS harvesting human organs

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AL BAGHDADI, Iraq –   Iraqi and ISIS forces continue to battle for control of the western Iraqi town of Al Baghdadi.

Eyewitness accounts say ISIS is burning the bodies of soldiers and tribesmen killed in the fighting, burning them to desecrate them.

“Certainly wouldn't surprise any of us here if it turns out to be authentic and true, given the kinds of atrocities that this group continues to wage against innocent civilians,” said Pentagon spokesman Rear Adm. John Kirby.

Now, Iraq’s UN ambassador claims ISIS thugs are harvesting human organs from their victims and selling them on Europe’s black market. And, he claims ISIS murdered a dozen doctors in Mosul who refused to participate.

“These are in fact crimes of genocide committed against humanity that must be held accountable before international justice without even mentioning the traffic of human organs,” said Mohamed Alhakim.

ISIS makes about $2-million a day to fund its terror activities. The sale of oil and the ransom of hostages are on the list, along with smuggling people and drugs. Selling stolen antiquities is another.

And now, it appears, we can add to that list the barbaric organ harvest of shame.

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