Millions of Americans stuck in winter’s deep freeze

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NIAGRA FALLS, NY – Sparkling ice and feathery snow banks may look like a fairy tale, but it may seem more like a “grim” fairy tale for the millions of Americans living in the nation’s deep freeze.

Six winter storms have hit the Northeast since January 25, bringing with them the usual winter woes, and more.

Broken water pipes forced residents to evacuate an apartment complex in Bellingham, MA, while in Baltimore, cars parked on the streets became ice sculptures when water mains broke all over the city.

In Cambridge, Massachusetts, two people ended up in the hospital after being buried under five feet of snow that fell from the roof of a skating rink.

In New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, a man was digging out his driveway when he noticed something crawling in the snow down the road. He thought it was a seal in trouble. It turned out to be his former banker who was lost and had been wandering in the snow for more than an hour.

And in Boston, some people have started to jump out of windows. No, they’re not victims of cabin fever. More likely victims of Boston brew.

It’s called the Boston Blizzard Challenge, where people take photos or videos of themselves leaping out of windows, off of porches, from the top of cars into piles of snow.

Boston’s mayor wants them to stop because snow piles can hide cars, fences and other hidden deadly dangers that can break bones while bustin’ moves.

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