Months after losing a child, mother prepares to say goodbye to husband

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CEDAR SPRINGS, Michigan -- Just six months after the loss of a child, a West Michigan mother is now preparing to say goodbye to her husband. Jake and Kelly Francis have had to plenty of tragedy befall includes bouts of cancers, and the loss of their daughter Avery just 63 minutes after birth, but this couple keeps trying to look at the positives in their relationship.

For instance, they felt they had overcome cancer when Jake beat testicular cancer the first time in 2004 and had been cancer-free for 5-plus years. And on the day they lost Avery, they were able to welcome a son, Evan, into the world, as well.

Doctors have told Jake in January that his cancer has returned and they have given him only months to live.

While Kelly and Jake have reached their goal of expanding their family, the physical separation once Jake is gone isn’t going to stop them from being whole.

“I feel like we were blessed with twins because Jake is too good of a father not to be one in heaven,” Kelly said. “He gets Avery in heaven and I get Evan here.”


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