London teenagers runaway to ISIS

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LONDON – Running away from home isn’t an uncommon teenage occurrence, but three London schoolgirls took things to the next level.

According to London Metro Police, the trio of British girls hopped a flight to Istanbul on Tuesday, and they are believed to be on their way to Syria to join Isis.

16-year-old Kadiza Sultana and 15-year-olds Amira Abase and Shamima Begum have not only frightened their families, but their travel plans have the British government concerned as well.

British Prime Minister David Cameron describes the case as "deeply concerning" and now British authorities' only hope of re-routing the teens' trip, is to catch them in Turkey.

"Our main objective here is to make contact with these three young girls - for them to make contact with us preferably. Or if there's anyone that has any information on where they might be, to tell us - to speak to us either here in the UK in this country or in Turkey, so we can engage with these girls and stop them from going into Syria,” Commander Richard Walton of London’s Metropolitan Police explained.

The girls' families have issued desperate pleas for them to return home and have warned them of the dangers they could face.