States ranked best, worst in well-being

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HOUSTON - Still looking for your happy place? You may want to set your sights on Alaska.

The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index gave their annual ranking of the happiest states and "The Last Frontier" snagged the number one spot.

The rankings are based on phone interviews with people in all 50 states.

The states were measured on five different categories: purpose, social, financial, community, and physical.

Hawaii sailed in at number two and Texas, the "Lone Star State" came in at number 10.

Top 10 States with highest well-being

  1. Alaska
  2. Hawaii
  3. South Dakota
  4. Wyoming
  5. Montana
  6. Colorado
  7. Nebraska
  8. Utah
  9. New Mexico
  10. Texas

Top 10 States with lowest well-being

  1. West Virginia
  2. Kentucky
  3. Indiana
  4. Ohio
  5. Mississippi
  6. Alabama
  7. Tennessee
  8. Arkansas
  9. Michigan
  10. Missouri