Was it road rage in Las Vegas as first thought?

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LAS VEGAS, Nv -- The suspect in custody for killing a 44-year-old mother of four in Las Vegas, an incident presumably sparked by road rage, claims he fired 22 shots from his gun. At least that's what police say he told friends.

One of those bullets, allegedly from 19-year-old Erich Nowsch's gun, killed Tammy Meyers in the front yard of her home after she was reportedly chased down.

Then news surfaced that Tammy had picked up her son, who brought a gun along to search for Nowsch . Now comes news that the family knew the suspect, that Tammy had counseled him after his father's death, taking a "motherly interest" in the boy.

"I couldn't tell you this before. He knew where I lived. We knew how bad he was, but we didn't know he was this bad, said Robert Meyers, Tammy's widow.

Said Captain Chris Tomaino, "We did not know that."

Captain Tomaino said the District Attorney's Office would decide whether any members of the Meyers family could face charges.