Don’t be duped by the digital world

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Grego says shame on all of us for assuming anything on the web is "exactly what it says it is."

"Dating site OKCupid is in trouble with members for experimenting with 'wrong' matches when people thought they were actually meeting perfect matches. Similar to what Facebook did playing with people's emotions by messing with their newsfeeds. Well, shame on all of us for assuming anything on the web is 'exactly what it says it is.' Come on, it`s the wild west, free of regulation, user beware. What`s about to be another surprise for supporters of net neutrality - (the government taking control of the web) - is contrary to what you were led to believe. Instead of sticking it to the big corporate internet providers, costs are about to rise, speeds are about to fall, web sites will require licenses and if the content you choose to publish doesn`t jive with the establishment you could be denied or shut down. Total control! Why do we know this is the government`s plan?  First, the 300-some odd pages of regulations are being kept secret and FCC Chair Tom Wheeler is refusing to appear before Congress to testify ahead of the vote. This is like one of those emails you get from Uganda about a small fortune that's been left in your name from someone you`ve never heard of. Yup, we have a lot to learn about the web, like the new rules issued by the government bully that stole it from us.  But unlike OKCupid and Facebook don`t expect Big Brother to apologize."

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