Idaho lawmaker asked silly question about female anatomy

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BOISE, ID - Legislators might know a thing or two about laws. But one lawmaker in Idaho is proving he still has a lot to learn about the ladies.

During a House State Affairs committee debate over an anti-abortion bill, Rep. Vito Barbieri posed a bizarre question about a women's anatomy to a female doctor opposing the bill. He wanted to know if swallowing a camera pill can help doctors during gynecological exam.

In other words, Barbieri asked if the digestive system and the reproductive system, are somehow connected... and if a camera "pill" could somehow finally end up where babies come from. Dr. Julie Madsen was the one to school the lawmaker on his disconnected logic by telling him if a woman swallowed a pill, it would never end up in her vagina.

It seemed Barbieri's lesson was a tough pill to take, especially for someone who sits on the board of a Crisis Pregnancy Center. You would think he would've known what most teens learn in high school; you can't get pregnant if you swallow.

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