Misdemeanor Veterans Court officially begins in Harris County

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HOUSTON -- Not everyone belongs in a court, and sometimes veterans especially could use a break. Enter Harris County's new Misdemeanor Veterans Court.

“If accepted into this program, veterans who have mental health issues because of their military service will not be sent to jail. Instead they will have an opportunity to receive the support and treatment they need to become once again law-abiding citizens,” says Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson.

The program, which already exists for felony offenses, recognizes that criminal records can keep vets from getting things housing and decent jobs. So, it cuts them a break.

“This is a labor of love,” Anderson says. “Our office has agreed to allow immediate expunging of their record (of the misdemeanor case that brought them to court), if they complete the program.”

With hope, things like this can really help veterans leave their battles behind.



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