New facial recognition app can help you find lost dog

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HOUSTON- When it comes to lost dogs it’s all about that “face.”

“Finding Rover” is a free app that uses facial recognition to help reunite owners with their lost dogs. “They don’t speak human. We don’t speak dog. We don’t speak cat. So this is just a form of communication” explains Finding Rover creator John Polimeno.

BARC knows all about lost dogs so they’ve partnered with Friends for Life to use “Finding Rover” on all of their shelter dogs. “A lost pet could be on the other side of town but it could be just right around the corner. This brings the whole huge sprawling city of Houston into one small space so we can all help each other out,” says Mayor Annise Parker.

This doesn’t replace tags or a microchip, it’s just an additional high-tech tool to help you find your furry friend if they get lost.

“The app will actually reconstruct the face and then take 128 points around the face to identify the animal” says Polimeno. It sounds complicated but it’s not. Just download the free app, upload a picture of your pet, then fill out some info - like your dog’s name and age. That’s it- your dog is now in the database.

In one year, the app has reunited 480 pets with their owners. Polimeno, the creator and chief “barkeroo” hopes to expand it to all shelters across the country and around the world.

Cat lovers don't worry, the facial recognition app for cats is due out in June. Hey, think they’ll call it Finding Fluffy?

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