Officials warn parents of LSD in schools after student’s death

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MONTGOMERY COUNTY, TX - In Montgomery county students are being taught some tragic drug lessons in high school. Police are investigating the use of illegal drugs at Montgomery High School after one student died, and two others were hospitalized reportedly because of a form of LSD.

The drug known as '25-I' or 'n-bome' has led to several students being arrested.

Parent Sherry Sullivan says, "It scares me for my son, whether he does it intentionally or accidentally, if someone's trying to trick him.  All those thoughts are going through my head."

School district and law enforcement officials held a drug forum warning parents about the dangers and be vigilant.

"Know the password to your kid's cellphone.  Look through the text messages.  Be snoopy," said Montgomery County District Attorney, Brett Ligon.

"The parents need to be paying attention and keeping an eye on what their kids are doing.  We can't leave it up to the school to raise our kids, we can't leave it up to the police.  It all comes down to the parents first, but the fact that the parents and the school district and law enforcement are all working together, I think that's going to make it very smooth," said parent Sherri Kennedy.

They showed the drugs; stamps of cartoon characters that seem harmless but we've learned have already been fatal.

Lt. Philip Cash of the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Narcotics Division says, "It also has some terrible side effects.  Seizures, highs, fevers, and even death."

The arrests came after Montgomery police raided a home in Conroe where they found weed, scales, baggies and other paraphernalia.

Student Sydni Ward said, "I'm pretty sure a lot of people do it to get stress off.  I've been offered drugs a couple of times.  I say no, obviously."

Whatever happened to "just say no?"

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