People with low IQs at risk for higher booze consumption, study finds

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BOSTON, MA – The snow and ice in Boston can make people do strange things, like the people who posted video of themselves jumping off of buildings into the snow.

Or Vannak Sao, the guy who drove his truck off of an overpass after hitting a light pole, and then landed upside down on the highway below.

He says he was exhausted after helping a friend shovel snow, and he agrees that driving home was a bad idea. "I have nothing to hide you know what I mean, I had a few drinks, in combination with everything else it definitely didn't help."

He had a few bruises, and luckily, he didn’t hit, or land on anyone.

This may have been another example of how booze can make you do dumb things. But now, Swedish researchers say it’s not the booze that makes some people dumb.

Researchers used to think that the more you drank, the dumber you got, but the Swedish researchers told the journal Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research that their study suggests a lower IQ can lead to heavy boozing.

Another Swedish study suggests binge drinking among young men can lead to bad grades in school, drug use, and a higher risk for suicide. It can, also, lead to riskier sexual behavior for women and for men.

Binge drinking is also linked to eating problems for girls and young women. In other words, just one more thing to “wine” about.

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