Wife wants $1million a month for expenses as part of Chicago divorce

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CHICAGO, IL – What would you do with a million dollars? If you are the soon-to-be ex-wife of a Chicago hedge fund billionaire Ken Griffin, you can do a lot with it. And if you are Griffin, you try to keep it.

But it’s not just one million bucks. Anne Dias Griffin wants one million a month.

She says she needs it to support their three young kids, ages 2, 4, and 7. And for other monthly bills, like $2,000 for stationery, $6,800 for groceries, and another $7,200 for eating out.

Then there’s $60,000 for an office and people to answer the phones, while you’re spending $160,000 a month at various vacation spots that you flew to on your private jet that sets you back $300,000 a month.

Lawyers for Ken Griffin said the mother of his children is worth $50,000 and can easily cover her monthly expenses. But the state of Illinois bases child support on the standard of living the kids enjoyed before the divorce.

The ex-wife of Oklahoma billionaire oilman Harold Hamm got way more than a million a month. She got away with a billion dollars, a lot less than what she wanted, though.

Hamm’s last installment check was for $974 million and change.

At a million a month, Anne Dias Griffin will have to wait 996 months, or 83 years, to hit the billion-dollar mark.

Maybe she can float a loan from the ex-Mrs. Hamm to make ends meet.

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