Dallas residents buy a lot of diapers because…

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DALLAS, TX - There`s only one thing better than dumping on Dallas, and that`s finding others who will or are willing to do it for you. On Twitter we found @fauxmayormike dumping on Dallas’s Mayor Mike Rawlings as if “his excellency” was speaking himself. Here`s some highlights. On the Trinity toll road, “to build or not to build” debate @fauxmayormike says, “You goofballs just don't get it. I don't have to listen to the cranky minority. Having the votes is great!!” On campaigning and campaign budgets hey says, “Let's ride! Whiskey for my men. Beer for my horses. Direct mail is great!!” And "Does it say how much I have to spend for dress shirts with twenty inch necks??” Funny stuff, keep up the good work.

It`s funny what you see in Dallas. But this one`s no laughing matter. We saw a picture on reddit.com. It lists WiFi connections available at DFW airport. Check out the gateway name on the bottom. “I have Ebola.” Really Dallas? I have Ebola? Kind of disgusting since your city was ground zero for a potential national outbreak of the deadly disease. Hopefully whoever came up with this one doesn`t miss his flight to "Jerksville."

Finally, it`s important to know what kind of people live in Dallas. Not that we don`t already. According a recent city report, Dallas is mostly full of young diverse families. Which is actually kind of nice. Except for the one tiny stat that the city deemed so significant it had to be listed. Apparently Dallas residents spend quite a bit of money on diapers. Wait! No! We got it now! Dallas buys diapers because Dallas is full of s#*&.