Stolen Stock Car Found

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(MORROW, GA) At the same time the Xtreme Motor Sports Racing crew was headed down for breakfast at the Drury Inn, in Morrow, Georgia Friday morning, two men were pulling off a dreary heist right outside in the parking lot.

Their truck they were using to tow the race car their hopes were riding on in the Sprint Cup, was leaving the building so to speak.

Race driver, Travis Kvapil said, "When I got texts and voicemails this morning from the guys I kind of thought they were messing around at first." It didn't take long for the crew to figure out their stolen stock car was no joke.

Their car's worth almost $300,000 and the team was prepared to offer a hefty cash reward for its safe return.

The good news? The crew put the brakes on that offer after Georgia police found the stolen car in a wooded area about 20-miles from where it was taken.

The team posted pictures on Twitter with the seemingly undamaged race car.

The bad news? The lost and found car, and its driver, weren't able to participate in the qualifying round. So, they're out of the race.