Bad luck: massive power outage during Friday the 13th

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HOUSTON, Texas - Check your almanac: it's Friday the 13th.   And what better way to start the day than with a power outage?  At least 8,000 customers in Southwest Houston woke up this morning to a total blackout.

"I work all by appointments and I've already had to cancel several of my appointments because I don't know when it's gonna come back on" - complained Bebe, owner of Bebe's Barber Shop near the corner of South Rice Ave. and Bellaire Blvd.

CenterPoint Energy said a branch fell on a couple of power lines, knocking electricity out.  The service was reestablished at noon.  However, now we'll have to add trees to the long list of superstitions.

"I'm a little superstitious" - confessed Houston resident Michelle Kettle -.  "I grew up in that whole Freddy Krueger era.  I had nightmares.  I didn't wanna go to sleep because I knew he would be there waiting."

They say the only thing we should fear is fear itself.  But what about black cats, broken mirrors, walking under a ladder or opening an umbrella inside the house?

"I don't really believe in this because we break mirrors all the time" - explained Mohammad Mofakham, who works at Access Glass & Mirror.

Though, beware!  The monsters came to the Children's Museum of Houston for Freak Out Friday!

"We're celebrating the science behind superstition" - said purple Monster Jam, while welcoming hundreds of children and their parents.  The Museum offered several educational activities throughout the day, as well as a DJ dance party for the little ones.  But to tell the truth, it looks like kids don't pay too much attention to scary myths.

"I don't believe in Friday the 13th" - said Abby -: "I'm here to have fun."

How lucky!  You chose the right place.

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