Beware: Head pressing in pets is a warning sign

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HOUSTON - Sometimes our pet’s weird behavior entertains us. But if Fido or Fluffy ever presses their forehead on the ground or a wall for a long period of time, they’re not being silly. Their head hurts and they’re trying to make it feel better.

That's the 4-1-1 from Dr. Carley Giovanella, a neurologist and neurosurgeon at Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialist. “Head pressing is a symptom of something going on in the brain.” It can be caused by any number of things including infection, inflammation or a tumor.

“One of the really important things to recognize is a change in your pet. So animals have their quirks but if you have a dog or a cat that suddenly starts doing that (head pressing), then I would be concerned” says Dr. Giovanella. So if your cat has always slept on his face, no problem. But if suddenly starts, it’s time for a visit to the veterinarian.

Dr. Giovanella doesn't want people to be afraid to go to their doctor, "They’re on your side and they want to make your dog or cat feel better.”

Now you know the warning signs and what to do if you ever see this “off the wall” behavior.

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