Carjack victim tells of harrowing ride with accused Boston Bombers

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BOSTON, MA – Jurors in Boston heard first-hand from the man whose escape from terror may have helped catch one of the accused Boston Marathon bombers.

Dun Meng says he was kidnapped and carjacked by the Brothers Tsarnaev and waited anxiously for a chance to escape.

That came when the car pulled into a gas station, giving him time to run to another gas station across the street.

Once inside, Meng tries to lock the door as he frantically tells the confused clerk to call 911.

He then hides behind the counter, fearing one of the brothers will follow. The clerk dials, then hands the phone to Meng.

(Operator) “Did they leave?”

(Meng) “I don’t know. I don’t know. They took my car like half an hour ago.”
Police say after the murder of MIT officer Sean Collier, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev hijacked Meng’s SUV.

Meng told jurors Tamerlan asked him at gunpoint: “Do you know the Boston Marathon explosion? I did it and i just killed a policeman in Cambridge.”

Prosecutors say the brothers loaded the SUV’s trunk with homemade bombs then drove Meng to a bank where Dzhokhar, who’s on trial, used Meng’s ATM card to get $800.

Meng says Tamerlan made small talk as they drove him around, asking him where he was from.

Meng said he answered “I’m Chinese”, to which Tamerlan was said to reply “I’m Muslim. Muslim’s hate Americans.”

Meng says they stopped at this Shell station around midnight to fill up for a drive to New York. Once there, cameras recorded Dzhokhar going inside and checking out some chips to buy.

That’s when Meng ran and when the older Tamerlan went inside to get his brother to resume what was to be their last road trip on this earth.

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