New study says there’s too many studies

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HOUSTON, TX -  In a paper called “Attention Decay in Science”, professors from Finland and California found that researchers have somehow forgotten that they need to do studies that advance their field. Instead they sometimes throw together nonessential articles, making it harder for scientists to weed through the important ones.

New frivolous studies are published all the time. Who cares if toast falls butter-side down? We already know that high heels hurt. What about the three smart guys from the Netherlands who determined the Eiffel Tower appears smaller when you lean to the left?

How about the next time you want to study jet lag on rats, do us all a favor. Don`t!

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  • I'm tired,

    NO, no really? Hey everyone, can you imagine that? New Study shows there are TOO many studies. Leave it to mayor Porker to spend money on that study.

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