Suspects toss marijuana bales during Arizona chase

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CASA GRANDE, AZ - There are a few things you can count on during almost any police chase, like the sirens,  flashing lights and, usually, bad guys getting caught. But a high-speed chase outside of Phoenix had an extra ingredient: hundreds of pounds of marijuana rolling down the freeway.

On March 4, a Pinal County sheriff's deputy tried to pull over a Chevy Trailblazer for traffic violations. Instead of doing what he was supposed to, the driver sped up to about 100 MPH and the passenger started ditching large bales of pot. Dash cam video shows the bricks flying out the window, but what it doesn't reveal is the four or five random drivers who, deputies say, stopped to pick up the drugs.

As for the chase, it ended shortly after the suspect vehicle's tire blew. The two men in the car tried to out run deputies, but both ended up in cuffs. They now face drug charges, after deputies ended up recovering nearly 400 pounds of marijuana.